Promotion to TOP-10

How often do you turn to the second page when you google something? And the third? Quite rare, don’t you? As a penetrative business owner, you realize that Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization are significant elements to push up sales. Wise SEO allows more people to find your company based on proper queries and as a result upgrade advertising and brand recognition.

Being a team of SEO-savvy enthusiasts the Grizzly Digital Company consists of highly competent IT specialists who provide thought-out SEO plan. Our devoted work get 30 % of agreed search queries to the top in search results after 3-6 months of cooperation. And in 9-12 month, 87% are already on top.

New website optimization

We are sure in our strength and know that we can make Google like your newly developed website. The Grizzly Digital Company has a rule – not to promise impossible effect. That is why we cannot promise that your webpage will reach the first page of search engine results after 1 month of existence. The website should exist at least 6 months to get trust from a search engine, but proper optimization from the very beginning can accelerate the process of indexation.

We make the website user-friendly and fill it with an informative and unique content. We also make it trustworthy for a search engine and concentrate the promotion on the long-tail queries. As a result, after 3-4 months we can succeed in promoting those rare queries to TOP-10 of search results.

Online shop promotion

Search Engine Optimization of an online shop is a complex challenge for any webmaster. It is connected to the number of serious problems that are not easy to solve. They include:

  • Non-unique content resulting from a huge number of similar webpages;
  • Abundance of key phrases for promotion;
  • Necessity to create SEO-friendly and selling content.

The Grizzly Digital Company does not set limits for itself and doesn’t only deal with SEO. We also help you to increase sales by creating user-friendly product card, selling content and create whole marketing strategy. Grizzly specialists work both on query promotion and growth of internet traffic that is a straight way to the income increase.

Web-promotion to increase traffic

Traffic increase is the most relevant hallmark of web-project profitability. It shows how effective your marketing strategy is. Traffic growth means the increase of would-be customers who get aware of your company’s offer. The strategy of web-traffic increase embraces lots of marketing aspects including SEO, usability increase, and promotion of large quantity of key phrases.

With traffic promotion you pay for actual click-through number. The final price depends on an actual traffic and the total number of webpages. This promotion strategy is excellent for large web-projects as web portals, online shops and online catalogues.

Post-paid web-site promotion

The Grizzly Digital Company guarantees the result of its work. That is why we offer a post-paid approach, which implies only the payment for queries on the top 10 in search engine results. It is considered to be the most convenient way of payment for businessmen who got used to manage their expenses. Also this way of payment is comfortable for the customers who don’t want to pay subscription fee at the beginning of cooperation.

Having selected this approach you only pay for the result and the price depends on query popularity and the place of your website in the search engine results.

One-time SEO

The Grizzly Digital Company offers a service of one-time Search Engine Optimization. This short-term work on your website can sufficiently improve its ranking as the service includes all basic SEO works: composing of the semantic kernel, tag and metatag formation, creation of technical requirements for web-copies, writing unique web-copies.

This basic SEO optimization will help you to improve website ranking in search engine results and make it more trustworthy for a search engine as well as people. A one-time optimization will be perfect for the projects with drastically dropped positions or for newly-made web-projects.

Website SEO

The groundbreaking work for the website promotion is search engine optimization that includes different improvements of design, usability, technical characteristics and content. All these improvements will earn the trust of a search engine and also make web-resource more attractive for the visitors.

We deal with different kind of optimization:

  • Web-copies optimization or creation taking into account key phrases;
  • Usability improvement;
  • Work on tags and meta tags (title, description, etc);
  • Work with backlinks;
  • Mobile optimization;
  • Redesign or improvement of current design;
  • Different technical improvements.

SEO consultation

The Grizzly Digital Company offers professional assistance in online strategy setting. We give advices in website optimization and also help to create an effective strategy for business promotion. We make a profound analysis of your website, point out all the errors and defects your web-project has and give advices on its correction.

An expert consultation will give you the image of your previous operations and evaluate the scope of future works. The price for a consultation is charged by the hour.

SEO copywriting

Any web text is a result of meticulous work of the Grizzly Digital Company copywriters who spend lots of hours studying everything about your company, products and your targeted audience. As a result, you get helpful and informative text that perfectly reflects your company’s ideas and products. Our texts maintain a perfect balance between SEO and usefulness, which means they include just enough key phrases for a search engine but still remain interesting and readable for people.

Depending on your CMS our texts can be divided in clear parts with proper titles and include tables, lists and other graphic features that improve their readability.

Website SEO audit

Using the experience and dedication of our team members, we check your web-project to identify its effectiveness or find reasons why it cannot reach top positions in search engine results. We check each aspect of the website to tell you the effectiveness of tags and metatags, correctness of texts, technical characteristics, usability and link mass. And give you a precise report with every error as well as recommendation for their correction.

The audit service helps you to analyze your work on website promotion, the effectiveness of your SEO contractors and to find out any problem of your website.

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